Winning the Social Wars: Educating, Recruiting, and Mobilizing Support Using Digital Media

Includes a Live Event on 06/17/2020 at 3:00 PM (EDT)

Across the nation, it is becoming increasingly challenging for wind and solar developers to secure the local county, township, or state permits they need, due to the rise of organized activists opposing their projects. More than ever before, developers must know how to educate, recruit, and mobilize project advocates to ensure they have the social license required to get projects approved. For those with the resources to use it, digital media can offer a powerful tool for finding, engaging, and activating community members to participate in the local permitting process and make their voices heard. For those who don’t, renewable energy opponents will continue to dominate the digital space with damaging consequences. This session will bring together experts who are using Facebook and sophisticated digital visualization tools to promote successful permitting outcomes for renewable energy projects. 

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Dahvi Wilson (Moderator)

Vice President of Public Affairs, Apex Clean Energy

Dahvi leads Apex’s public affairs team, a unique department of the core operations team that is focused on preserving and enhancing the company’s license to operate in statehouses and communities across the nation. Under Dahvi’s leadership, Apex’s public affairs team is working to rapidly innovate an approach to engagement that is relationship-based and politically savvy, rooted in a campaign mentality. In her nearly seven years at Apex, Dahvi has built a team from the ground up, led the development and implementation of a new approach to engagement, and overseen a successful effort to increase Apex’s influence with key legislators and strategic partners. Prior to joining Apex, Dahvi served in leadership roles with numerous community, government, and nonprofit organizations, specializing in strategic development, community relations, and communications. Dahvi holds a Master of Environmental Management degree from Yale University and a BA from Brown University.

Josh Hohn

Visual Resources Practice Lead, Stantec

Josh Hohn, AICP, is the Visual Resources Practice Lead for Stantec’s Environmental Services group. He is based in San Francisco, where he has written or overseen visual impact analyses for wind projects in California, New York, and West Virginia, and for solar projects in California, Wyoming, Wisconsin, and Nevada. In his decade and a half as a visual resources specialist, Josh has produced technical reports and CEQA/NEPA documents, or their equivalent, for dozens of proposed power generation and transmission projects, including battery storage and natural gas powered facilities, along with new and reconductored power lines. In support of his work, he has testified before the California Energy Commission and West Virginia Public Service Commission. Trained as a city and regional planner, Josh began his career in community development and public outreach.

Natasha Kelargis

President & CEO, Bantam Social Media

Natasha Kalergis founded Bantam Social Media in 2015. Since that time, Natasha and her team have focused their collective experience on a new kind of mission – educating the American public about the benefits of wind and solar projects, influencing community support to help move renewal energy projects successfully through state and local approval processes. 

Prior to founding Bantam, Natasha spent nine years at large advertising agencies in New York City and Minneapolis, working with national accounts including McDonald's and Target. She was on the front lines as these Fortune 500 companies began embracing social media as a viable marketing channel. 

Natasha received her education at Virginia Commonwealth University, the New School/Parson’s School of Design, and the University of Buenos Aires.

Kelly O'Neil


I identify & engage audiences helping to build brands, capture new markets, grow constituencies and empower advocacy.


Winning the Social Wars Webinar
06/17/2020 at 3:00 PM (EDT)   |  60 minutes
06/17/2020 at 3:00 PM (EDT)   |  60 minutes Clink the button below to join the webinar.
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